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Why you need professional driveway & patio cleaning services

by Vue Window Cleaning Services

4 weeks ago
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A beautiful driveway and patio can make or break the appearance of a house. In fact, estate agents claim that you can increase the price of your house by up to 10% by making sure it looks good! So it’s understandably frustrating to see weeds and moss growing up between cracks, or discolouration caused by dirt and blackspots. Algae on decking and concrete surfaces is also a slip hazard, so keeping your outside areas clean is important. Getting a pressure cleaner and doing it yourself might seem the best option, but as many end up discovering, cleaning a driveway and patio is a little trickier than first thought. Not only is it time consuming, it’s also back breaking and very messy. If you don’t have the right patio cleaning products or don’t finish the job properly, you could end up wasting precious time and effort. Driveway jet wash and patio cleaning is something that can be easily outsourced to a professional driveway and patio cleaning services company ,Find out more. who will make sure it’s done right and lasts a long time.

Jet washing services

So does it mean to get a driveway or patio jet wash service? A driveway and patio jet wash basically means to apply a high pressure cleaner that uses the power of water to get a fantastic result. A pressure cleaners is a combination of a water pump that’s powered by an electric motor. The pump inside a power pressure washer is designed to handle a water flow of around 6-8 litres per minute.

Water is then pushed through a jet pressure hose, using kinetic energy that’s around 200 times the pressure of air. The high-pressure hose is specifically designed to withstand the extreme pressure of the water flowing through it and will usually be reinforced with wire mesh and durable plastic. The fast travelling water jet is a laser-focused narrow stream, capable of blasting onto surfaces, powerfully knocking dirt particles away.

A professional patio and driveway cleaner will effectively eliminate all dirt, moss, weeds and general discolouration. Using a specialist powerful jet wash, outdoor surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Pro patio and driveway cleaner companies can effectively wash any concrete paths, paving stones, patio slabs, flag stones or almost any other outdoor surface! Jet washing is also known as pressure washing or patio power washer. Pressure cleaning can involve anything from a hand held jet wash to a large industrial patio cleaner with rotary discs and brushes. The versatile adapters are designed to meet all the different needs of a typical outdoor area.

Can you jet wash block paving? Yes, but it’s important to do it right! A lot of block paving is made from concrete, which is a blend of finely crushed sand and stone with cement. It’s worth remembering that concrete paving doesn’t last as long as a natural stone, so cleaning concrete paths and driveways needs a little more care.

Block paving comes in many various sizes and colours, all of which can be jet washed. The best patio cleaner is always when done mindfully with some knowledge of what driveways and patios have been built from so as not to do any damage.

Cleaning paving slabs

Different driveways and patios have different durability depending on what materials have been used to make them. They should last for decades provided they are well cared for. Sandstone, limestone and granite are all popular choices for UK driveways and patio spaces, which is because they look beautiful, are versatile in design and tend to be very durable. Using a rotary patio cleaner is considerably gentler on concrete or softer stone types and a professional patio cleaner will be able to decipher the best option for your property.

A typical cleaning process will include:
De-weeding between joints of paving blocks Removing algae, mould and moss
Treating oil stains
Pressure washing entire area
Brushing over with kiln dried sand
Sealing the area

Sealing driveway

After cleaning, it’s recommended that driveways, paving and concrete slabs are sealed to ensure they’re protected from future weeds, stains and algae. Two coats of high quality acrylic sealer will harden and protect jointing sand from being washed away, which will also help preserve the appearance of the surface. By using sealer you’ll help avoid any erosion beneath the surface of your driveway from things like ants nest. Sealant can also stop potential subsidence, particularly in driveways, which can cause nuisance puddling after rainfall.

Sealing your driveway is like an insurance for your outdoor surfaces. You’ll find it easier to clean and less maintenance in the long run. By applying a proper sealant, you can protect your driveway for 3-5 years at a time. Available in matt or gloss finish. We can also prevent colour loss by adding a colour tint to the sealer, which will restore your driveway to its former glory.

The benefits of driveway sealants are:
Prevents weed growth and sand loss
Makes the surface more water resistant which helps stop algae
Helps prevent ants nests
Brings out the natural colour of the flag stones / pavers
Stops oil from being absorbed

Eco friendly patio cleaner

The most eco-friendly way to clean a patio, driveway or path is by using a pressure washer. This is because pressure washing uses less energy and water than other methods. Despite what it looks like, a patio pressure washer actually uses 75% less water than a garden hose would use. Although you can use patio cleaning fluid for pressure washers, it’s often entirely possible to do the job with just water alone. You might notice some black spots on concrete surfaces. These are caused by an organism known as Lichen. This originates from a type of algae and fungi and often begins when the particles of lichen are blown onto concrete patios and drive ways. Lichen generally tends to thrive on damp shady areas and can be extremely difficult to remove, even with a pressure washer.

For really stubborn areas, there are eco-friendly biodegradable detergents. Vue WCS sometimes use a black spot soft chemical when absolutely necessary, but we are always keen to use natural remedies wherever possible and are very happy to find an eco-alternative at your request. It goes without saying that by keeping anything well looked after and making it last, you are being more environmentally conscious. By avoiding the need to replace them and keeping your driveway and patio in good working order, you are reducing waste and the demand for natural resources. Like with most things, regular maintenance means quicker service and less resources than intensive deep clean too. Vue Window Cleaning Services offers discounts for regular appointment bookings.

Can you jet wash decking?

Again it’s a yes! Jet washing is brilliant for ridding dangerous and slippery algae and bringing decking back to life. However, if decking has been painted or treated previously, it will need to be done again once the decking is completely dry. That may include sanding down any excess debris left behind after the power wash.

Can you jet wash roof tiles?

Yes! We definitely recommend using professional pressure cleaning services here because trust us, it can get very messy! Not only that, the person doing the roof tile cleaning needs to be comfortable with heights for long periods of time and have proper safety equipment such as ladders and scaffolding.

Driveway cleaning prices

Vue mobile jet wash service aims to be as competitive as possible. Our pressure washing is priced at £3 per square metre and includes kiln dried sand spreading to make your driveway or patio look fantastic again. To really bring back the original beauty, just ask us about including our tinted sealing service in the patio cleaning cost too. We offer a no obligation quote so you’ve nothing to lose!

Jet washing services
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Why choose Vue services for your driveway or patio cleaning service?

Vue Services is your one stop patio cleaning solution and offer jet washing in all of the same areas around Surrey and Greater London that we clean windows. Find our location list here Our brick and patio cleaner techniques can bring your entire driveway back to life and bring added value to your property link . Our pressure washer patio cleaner and driveway service provides the same incredible customer experience as all our other services. We are very proud of our 41 Five Star Reviews on Google Check them out here , 10/10 perfect score on Checkatrade Check them out here and 31 Five Star Reviews on Facebook Check them out here Why not get in touch for a no obligation quote today – As well as patios, driveways and windows, we also clean gutters, conservatories, facias and solar panels.
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